Saturday, December 6, 2014

This is one of my favorite photo's.  I caught the puck right on Sawyer's blocker!  The photo is a little blurrier that i would like, but I think it is amazing shot with the puck on the blocker!

I really like this picture of Sawyer working throughout the screen.  You can see a couple things in this picture, 1) that his head doesn't even reach the crossbar, and two I like the look of his eyes.  How he is concentrating, on the puck while trying to work through the distractions.  Good job Sawyer!

I like this picture because it shows the toughness of hockey.  Here Caden has an opponent pinned to the boards.  Doing the hard work in the corner to take possession of the puck.  Hockey players are grinders, and here is Caden grinding at his best!

 One of the best parts of playing travel hockey is see different rinks.  This is the rink on the campus of Syracuse university.  Tennintiy Ice Arena is great rink on a great campus.  Here is Caden at mid ice on the Orange S.