Saturday, May 16, 2009

Going Out of Bounds

Here is another picture from the same game. This image I was finally in the right spot for. I was standing just a hare over midfield as the Herkimer midfielder attempted to clear the ball. He was pushed out of bound by the Onondaga attack man. I originally thought this was going to be a great capture because the action was happening so close to me. Rarely do I get this action so close since I only have a 75-330 mm sigma lens.

I concluded that while the action is in my vicinity I might as well take as many shots as a could. I wasn't sure how they going to come out since I didn't have to adjust my shutter speed and iso, but I think I captured the essence of this picture.

As you can see the Herkimer midfield is doing everything he could to keep the ball in play. The Onondaga attack has spent his energy attempting to push him out of bounds and is lying on the field turf.

What I didn't know till I got home was that I caught the ball in the picture too. If you look a the apple bee's sign the lacrosse ball is in the white lettering. I wish the ball was in the green part of the sign so it would have stood out more.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Behind the Back Pass

This is another one of my favorite pictures. Here is an example of perfect timing. I had just moved from the sideline, to behind the goal. I wanted to get some pictures of midfielders dodging to the goal with there faces in the picture rather than their backs and the goalies face in the picture.
This picture I thought would be an interesting picture because it is a picture of a behind the back pass. This image was never photo shop, it is the actual image. As you can see the most unique aspect of this picture is the fact that the ball is directly behind the player's head. I am not sure actually how this happened, but the picture doesn't lie. I am still trying to figure out how the ball got there, but I was great capture. Both players are sharp and the ball is crisp and clear in the picture. It is the type of picture that makes you look twice at it. Herkimer would go on to lose this game but you can see the difference in your photography from moving around the field. I think it is important for a photographer to understand that the best images are not always shot in the same spot.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This picture is easily my favorite sports picture that I have take so far. Here you have a young athletic midfielder, DJ O'Connell, being guarded by two Herkimer defenders. When I captured this image, I immediately knew that I had something good here, but I wasn't sure about the exposure being the I was standing right at midfield and not at the top of the box, where this action took place.

What catches my eye about this exposure is the depth of field. The clarity of all the players involved in the picture is outstanding, ranging from the goalie to the attacker from Onondaga. I love the focus of the goalie, you can clearly see that he is preparing for a shot. The other outstanding part of this image is the fact O'Connell is actually preparing to move to his right.

You can clearly see that the two Herkimer defenders motion is committed to moving the left, they are completely faked out. The last aspect of this image that make is stand out is the position of O'Connell's stick. With the stick in his left hand and complete extended from his body you can see the amount of body and stick control it takes to successfully complete a split dodge.

With O'Connell's knee barely touching the field turf surface, his motion is instantly capture by the camera, using a shutter speed of 1/820 there was no blurry in this picture.

O"Connell creates a great opportunity not only for himself to score but for a photographer to capture an unique image. I would have to say in my opinion that this photo sets a pretty high bar that I attempt to achieve every time I shoot.

Herkimer Community college is a pretty decent play to shoot sports photography. The fence that surrounds the field isn't that far away and isn't to high as well. So you can get pretty close to the action without having a press pass.

This picture was taken at the 2009 Section 3 Tournament held in Herkimer NY.


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