Friday, May 6, 2016

Contrasting Speed

I love the center of focus in this picture.  With the Focus on the on the back of the goalie in the center of the picture, you get a clear sense of what a goalie is made of.  It is a name and a number that brings a sense of pride into the goalie position.  Playing goalie can be compared to being out on your island.  Here you get a sense of how hard Sawyer has to focus on the puck.

I also like the symbolism with the skaters being blurred.  Hockey is a fast paced, action pact game.  It is elegant and violent at the same time.  I like to refer to it as controlled chaos.  There is so much going on in between the boards, and a goalie has to focus on it all.  When the puck is on his side of the ice, there are no breaks, no places to hide and with everyone's attention on you have to be ready for a shot at all times.

Sawyer nicknamed "The Sauce"  Does a great job in this picture standing tall in his crease with all this controlled chaos around him.  This is one of my favorite pictures of him.  I love watching him playing and taking pictures of him as he grows up.  I look for great things from him in the future.


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