Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shooting Hockey indoors is always a challenge, there is never enough light. As a photographer you just have to except that. So what I do is a shoot with a shutter speed of 200 to 300, and just accept that the picture is going to come out dark. My focus is to find a great image, and fix whatever needs to be fixed on the picture on the computer later. So it is the angle and the image that I am most concerned about.

In this case this is the NYS Hockey Semi-Finals, play at the AUD in Utica NY. In this picture, the New Hartford skater is clearly drawing a lot of attention from the Pembroke defense. In this image there is at least three defenders focusing their energy on this one offensive player. In fact one of the defenders has his stick on on the offensive player in a hooking motion.

The ice spraying in the air is the focal point of this picture, and the colors of the New Hartford Uniform. The red in the blue are vibrant colors, the mesh well with the fully visible decal.

I was very fortunate to catch the puck in the picture as well, that is what my the image exceptional, however it is impossible to keep the puck and the player in focus being that they are two separate parts of the image. The Puck however being out of focus, shows motion, and the player being in focus show motion captured.

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