Monday, January 25, 2010

The Rededication of David kramer

After some deliberation, I have rededicated myself to these blogs. A picture a day for the rest of this year.
Have your ever seen a movie twice, or read a book again in your life. Did you ever notice something different the second time, that you didn't pick up the first time. I find that I do that this this picture. Every time a I look at this picture I find something else that I love about it.
The first time that I saw this picture I instantly fell in love with it. And what I remember from the day, was it was a cold wet day in Frankfort, NY. I was shooting from the Frankfort Sideline, which I snuck onto without permission. It was a day that I wasn't sure I should be there. It was night game they are always tough to shoot, it was raining, and you always have to wonder if you passion for photography is getting in the way of you being a good father or husband. You want to be there for everything in your family and not miss a second, but you also have a desire to pursue your dreams.
This picture however made the day worth it. I only took three pictures and left at the end of the first quarter. One because the game was a blowout, and second because I was soaking wet at the time and then I began to worry about the camera, and hoping that the driving rain would not break it.
In this picture you see the Frankfort Quarterback, rolling out to his right. In this photo you get a sense that the quarterback is being extremely careful with the ball, but what caught my eye about this picture today was the player driving through the rain. He clearly was not letting the effects of the weather limit himself. The quarterback is driving through each rain drop, which seem to bend around his body. The curvature of the rain drops closer to his body are clearly different the the rain drops away from his body.
The second thing to notice about this picture is the background of the picture is clearly out of focus, creating a focal point of the Quarterback in the image. This makes the quarterback and his movement stand out, from the background. This works perfectly to make the quarterback the most important part of the image.
The last aspect of this picture is the quarterbacks eyes. If you attempt to read his eyes, you can see, that the quarterback eyes are look down field trying to move the ball to a receiver.

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