Saturday, May 16, 2009

Going Out of Bounds

Here is another picture from the same game. This image I was finally in the right spot for. I was standing just a hare over midfield as the Herkimer midfielder attempted to clear the ball. He was pushed out of bound by the Onondaga attack man. I originally thought this was going to be a great capture because the action was happening so close to me. Rarely do I get this action so close since I only have a 75-330 mm sigma lens.

I concluded that while the action is in my vicinity I might as well take as many shots as a could. I wasn't sure how they going to come out since I didn't have to adjust my shutter speed and iso, but I think I captured the essence of this picture.

As you can see the Herkimer midfield is doing everything he could to keep the ball in play. The Onondaga attack has spent his energy attempting to push him out of bounds and is lying on the field turf.

What I didn't know till I got home was that I caught the ball in the picture too. If you look a the apple bee's sign the lacrosse ball is in the white lettering. I wish the ball was in the green part of the sign so it would have stood out more.

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