Thursday, May 14, 2009


I would like to take this moment to introduce myself. I am David Kramer, I the business Manager for a car dealership in upstate New York. I Have been married to my beautiful wife Erika for six years, we are the proud parents of three Children. Caden who is 5, Sawyer who is 3, and my Princess Amelia who is just over a year old.
I worked hard in school, and even the good grades although did not come easy to me. I gained an acceptance to the University of Massachusetts. There I studied History for four years, and got a bachelor's degree in 1999. I spent the next five years of my life teaching social studies to middle school and high school students in Maryland.
In Maryland I met my wife Erika who was also a teacher. We quickly fell in love and got married in New Jersey, where Erika grew up. We started a family soon afterwards. As our family grew, we quickly found out that the condo we lived in was going to fit us for much longer, so we traded in our suburban life, and moved to the country in Upstate New York. Now we live in Mohawk, with the three best children a parent could ask for.
As a child I found that I always had the need to express myself. What I lacked was the talent and the patience. One Christmas my wife and I inherited a Cannon rebel XT. I quickly found that through photography you can express your artistic opinions in a whole lot less time than drawing or painting. One of my biggest interest in sports, so the majority of my work will be based in the field, however I one of my goals in to capture beauty as much as possible. I have always felt that every person and picture tells a story, well here is mine.....

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